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Where can I find out more about you?  Are you on IMDb?

Yes, of course!  I'm on IMDb, and Twitter (X), and Rotten Tomatoes, and everywhere else on the 'net when you Google my name.  Though, the intention here isn't to publicize my career or the projects that I've been hired to write over the years; it's about creating an avenue to connect with anyone in the world who needs a screenwriter for their own projects -- that includes fellow writers, filmmakers, producers, and people with great ideas! 

In fact, I'm sure that most people aren't familiar with my name, or other screenwriters in the industry, or even the names of heavy-hitters like James Manos Jr and Andrew Davis who work 'behind the scenes' in the industry...

That's why I say to people: I've written a TV pilot script with the dude who was a co-producer and an Emmy-winning writer of The Sopranos, the showrunner/creator of the hit TV series Dexter and a consulting producer on The Shield

Or, I tell them that: I wrote a feature film screenplay that attached the dude who directed the Oscar-winning film The Fugitive (starring Harrison Ford - I'm betting everyone has heard of him), not to mention Under Siege (Steven Seagal), Chain Reaction (Keanu Reeves) and Collateral Damage (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

And just because I've proven myself working with these professionals in Hollywood doesn't mean I won't work with you too, wherever you are; I've collaborated on exciting projects from all over the world!  

While the film and TV industry can seem like a locked box, from my experience the key to unlocking it is a great script -- and I'm here to ensure your script opens the right doors to get your projects off the ground and into production!

Read on to learn more about my extensive experience in a range of genres, including action, drama, thriller, historical, comedy, horror, adaptation, biopic, romance, sci-fi, family, faith, animation, musical, war, western...

As a Screenwriter-for-Hire, I've worked with many Hollywood producers on multi-million dollar projects for major TV networks and film studios, including three TV pilots written for Viacom (one of the world's largest broadcasting and cable companies; owner of Paramount Pictures, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Spike, and Nickelodeon).  My pilot script was selected to be expanded into a feature film, which I also wrote for the producer of over 60 movies, including The Whole Ten Yards (Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry)!

My background includes writing films of all sizes and budgets, from independent films to big-budget tentpole blockbusters!  Recently, I was hired to develop and write a movie launching a new film franchise for the characters of Capcom's Street Fighter - the best-selling video game franchise, with over 38 million units sold, and over 500,000 arcade machines, making it one of the top 3 best-selling arcade games of all time, alongside Pac-Man and Space Invaders!  

Moreover, I co-wrote a feature film with a first-time writer/director - this dramatic film was a huge success; it won over audiences in theaters nationwide with sold-out showings in multiplexes across the U.S., and collected accolades at festivals, before being released on Netflix globally, hitting their Top Five trending movies!  What's more, the film was then released on Peacock and YouTube and received millions of views and gained even more fans, which led to us writing the follow-up sequel by the same writer/director and with the same cast, released in multiplexes across the U.S.!

As well, as a co-screenwriter, I've developed and written treatments, outlines and first drafts, and been brought in for second or third drafts: rewrites, polishes, edits, problem solving, offering creative ideas to help improve the script's plot, dialogue, characters, etc.  My co-written scripts are repped by top agents including WME and CAA.

I have also implemented coverage or notes from Oscar-winning directors and producers, Emmy-winning writers and directors, major studio development executives and WGA-Award-winning screenwriters, to complete scripts in a variety of genres...

For instance, I worked on a new draft of a horror screenplay, implementing notes/changes from the filmmakers of Predestination, Daybreakers  and Jigsaw (a sequel in the Saw franchise).  

Recently, I was co-writing a World War 2 drama, which involved implementing notes and advice from the screenwriter of Black Hawk Down, Only the Brave and Transformers 5.

As well, I co-wrote a first draft of an action-thriller script, and then tweaked/perfected it with guidance from one of the producers of Oliver Stone's Academy Award-winning movies Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, JFK and many more.

Previously, I've also developed a feature film pitch and treatment based on a best-selling author's book, incorporating suggestions on behalf of the film's producer - who produced the Oscar-winning films The Madness of King George and Henry V, and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind directed by George Clooney.

Plus, I developed and co-wrote a script with a storyboard artist-turned-director whose impressive credits include the animated hit movies Ice Age: Collision Course, The Peanuts Movie, Rio 2, The Book of Life, the Oscar-nominated Ferdinand, and Wish Dragon.

Additionally, I am the writer of all episodes of a popular cartoon series, animated by the team behind the Disney+ series Star Wars: Clone Wars, and credited in top superhero movies Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: The Dark World, Power Rangers, and Deadpool!

Other projects in the pipeline -- I have multiple movies in production and post-production, with several expected to wrap in the months ahead, including: a feature-length thriller movie with a diverse cast of film and TV stars, filmed on location in the Carolinas; and an animation / family movie that was co-written with the film's director - it's trailer was recently released and received international acclaim from the public and top publications like Empire and Animation Magazine!

In addition, I have more projects in development and pre-production, with top producers, production companies, sales agents and directors attached.  This includes a feature with a Disney star in the lead role, which was co-written with the director.  And I'm part of the writing team on an epic history / fantasy TV series based on a popular boardgame -- the show adapts the true historical characters and events, combining them with the legendary tales and creatures of the game!

Indeed, I've worked on many scripts for both big studio / network projects and independent movies, collaborating one-on-one with upcoming and established directors and producers.  Moreover, I have directed and produced films of my own - I wrote and produced an award-winning 'Best Film' for Amazon Studios, the Oscar-winning, Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-winning filmmaking arm of Amazon.com (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Manchester by the Sea), as part of a first-look deal with Warner Bros.  Also, I wrote and directed a critically-acclaimed feature film in the horror / thriller genre, which was released by the distributors of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

What's more, a script that I co-wrote with one of the writers of the Julia Roberts' film Pretty Woman is being developed with a producer and development executive, who was Director of Development at Marvel Studios; his credits include Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Punisher: War Zone, as well as The Bourne Supremacy, Mr & Mrs Smith, and The OC!

And when I'm not writing, rewriting or consulting on film & TV projects; I'm watching them.  New, classic, cult, foreign, indie, superhero, animated, live-action, and everything in between.  I enjoy viewing (and writing) every genre, from action to drama, biopic to horror, sci-fi to comedy!

What is a Screen Writer?

As much as I love watching films and TV shows, my business is writing them.  As a work-for-hire screenwriter, this is my full-time day job and so I really want everyone to be able to find the screenwriting services offered on my website.  Though apparently not everyone who wants to find a screenwriter will use that specific job title when searching for one...

There are variants on the title and a handful of other terms, many of which might be used interchangeably with the term screenwriter or essentially a screenplay writer or script writer.

Let's consider screen writer, screenplay writer, or script writer as the broadest terms for a writer who crafts a script, screenplay or teleplay.  But then, with a closer look at the specialization of their work, other titles may also apply.

For instance, if they work full-time as a screenwriter for hire and they have produced films, with industry credits to their name, then they would be considered a professional screenwriter or a professional screenplay writer.

Or, if they write a pilot script or they write an episode for a TV series or mini series, they may also call themselves by such job titles as teleplay writer or a TV script writer, or even a TV pilot writer.  

Typically, a story writer or screenwriter for a TV show, a TV writer as they're known to most people, refers to someone who works as a scriptwriter for a TV network or production company.  Often they work under the direction of a producer or showrunner when developing and writing a TV series with a network.  Yet, many TV shows in development will move forward to the stage of a TV pilot script and it's those script writers or screenwriters who get involved at the initial stage of a project.

These TV screen writers will help to develop the concept and characters to pitch for TV executives, and write a TV series bible for the proposed show or mini series.  The TV bible writer would map out the course of the series, including character arcs and plots for each episode.  

After planning a script outline, the TV pilot script is written - this is the first episode of a new TV series - by the TV pilot writer, or teleplay writer, or TV writer - each one of those terms may apply.

When talking about screenwriters for movies, these film script writers or feature screenplay writers may be known by several titles, related to their specific talents as well.  For instance, someone who specializes in book-to-film adaptation would be considered an adapted screenplay writer.  However this term also equally applies to a scriptwriter who adapts a comic book or graphic novel or even a newspaper article into a screenplay or film script.

In the case where a biography or historical facts serve as the basis for a film script, then this would make them a biopic script writer or bio-pic screenwriter.

Other terms for a screenplay writer of feature films may be simply a movie writer or a film writer, or even a Hollywood screenwriter - Hollywood being renowned as the movie capital of the world.


With all that said, screenwriters who are skilled at collaborating with others would be a co-writer.  Whether working one-on-one with a fellow screenwriter, or a book author, or a producer, or a client with a story to tell, these script cowriters are the ones who help write a screenplay or rewrite additional drafts.

This cowriter title can cover a wide range of situations: both writers might have actively participated in the brainstorming and writing process together, or maybe one writer had the initial idea which they developed together before the screenwriter worked the ideas into a professional film script, sent for creative input and approval of the other credited cowriter. 

As well, it may be a much less collaborative process where the script has been handed to a screenwriter for a second draft, or rewrite, and the screen writer completes the needed work receiving a co-writing credit with the original screenwriter who wrote the previous draft.

In this cowriting situation, each screenwriter on the project is usually credited as a cowriter on the script. And as such, these screenwriters can be called co-screenwriters, co-scriptwriters, or a film cowriter with their name appearing on the cover page of the screenplay.  Eg: "Based on a Story by X. Written by X and Y."

If you're looking for a cowriter / ghostwriter, or perhaps an uncredited screenplay screenwriter who writes the script anonymously with the "Written by" screenwriting credit going solely to you, then that role can be described as: a screenplay ghostwriter, script ghostwriter, or screenwriter ghostwriter.  And if you're getting creative with it, maybe a ghostscreenwriter or ghost-screenwriter.

This type of cowriting / ghostwriting / screenwriting is when someone has a great idea for a movie and they want the assistance of a pro screenwriter to work on the screenplay.  A co-writer / ghostwriter relationship is ideal for those who want to create an industry-ready screenplay, which will get noticed for all the right reasons.  They may hire a screenplay ghostwriter to develop, draft and polish their story into a script.  And then their screenplay ghostwriter may be credited as a script consultant for this work, or be paid at a higher rate to remain anonymous.  

However, the more commonly accepted role of a script consultant is someone who reads script outlines and reviews scripts, to provide script analysis and offer detailed notes / feedback on an existing script or concept for a movie or TV series.  The original screenplay writer or person who is pitching a movie idea can then take these notes and recommendations to implement themselves in a screenplay rewrite.  

Just to clarify, the work of a script consultant is not the same as screenplay coverage by a script reader.  Typically a script reader will point out major issues, but script consulting by a script analyst would go into greater depth.

In some cases, the script consultant might also be qualified to assist on a rewrite or polish as a script doctor who will be able to offer a seamless service, rewriting or polishing the script with any approved changes to deliver a new draft that is industry-ready for the next steps of sending to producers / agents / actors / investors.

Screenwriters at all skill levels work with script doctors for a second opinion or a professional check up to look over their screenplay and get advice on how to make it the best it can be.  Someone who does script doctoring might also be called a screenplay doctor, script rewriter, script polisher, script editor, or even a screenplay proofer or script proof reader.  

So, as you can see, there are many different names and job titles for the professional screenwriter.  Whatever kind of screenplay writer, script doctor, or consultant you're looking for, I’ve worn all of these hats and look forward to collaborating on your film or TV project!

Email me to get started!

Screenwriter Dude has written a screenplay for Jackie Chan, the star of 'Rush Hour'!

Writing movies and TV shows that have been watched by millions... Whether you are a Hollywood A-lister or an aspiring writer/filmmaker, I can help to write your stories for the screen!

​​​I'm a produced screenwriter and my work has played on the big screen in major theater chains (including AMC, Regal, Cinemark, CineLux, Marquee, IMAX) -- and on top streamers (Netflix, Amazon, Peacock, YouTube) -- nationally and worldwide.

As well, my films have played at the major film festivals, receiving Oscar-qualifying awards from Juries of A-list actors, directors, producers and studio executives, as well as a nomination from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Golden Globes).

And guess what... I'm available for hire!  Let's collaborate on a new project that will rise above the rest with the best, industry-ready, professional screenplay that will make your ideas shine, impress investors and producers, and attract talented directors and actors...

Actors like international movie legend Jackie Chan who is now attached to star in the lead role of a drama feature film that I scripted!  And Danny Glover who is producing and starring in another film that I co-wrote!  Not to mention 3-time Oscar-winning director / producer Oliver Stone who was a consulting producer on one of my past projects!

As well as actresses like Kathryn Hahn, star of Bad Moms and Step Brothers.  After reading a comedy screenplay that I crafted - based on the original concept that I helped develop, from brainstorming ideas to outlining to completing the script - Hahn told producers: "This needs to get made!" 

Whether your project is already in the development pipeline, or it's a new idea on the launchpad waiting for lift-off; I'm the "dude" who Hollywood hires -- and I'm hired by indie directors and students, too! -- I've written award-winning film and TV scripts for the top names in the industry, generating millions of dollars and millions of views.

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