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VOICE CALLS (Phone / Zoom / Google)
$25.00 = 15 MINUTES
$50.00 = 30 MINUTES
$90.00 = 60 MINUTES

VIDEO CALLS (Zoom / Google)
$90.00 = 30 MINUTES
$150.00 = 60 MINUTES

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What would you like to talk about?

​Do you have a great idea for a film or TV show and you want to share it confidentially, to receive honest feedback / guidance?
Do you want to brainstorm plot ideas or discuss how to overcome a script-related challenge with a professional screenwriter?
Do you want to talk openly about the specifics of your current script / book / story / intellectual property?
Do you have questions about the industry and want to find out more about 'how it works'?
Are you scratching your head about how to structure a script, or do you want to ask a technical formatting question?
Perhaps you want to test your new logline or try out your elevator pitch for your project?

Or maybe you just want to "meet" and have a chat, before you are ready to hire a screenwriter to work with you?

If so, or if you want to ask any other burning questions about your project in a confidential phone call with an industry pro, then you can order a call by clicking the buttons above. 

Of course, exchanging ideas are an expected part of any collaboration process, so if you would like to speak about any specifics or discuss creative details verbally, prior to signing an agreement, then I look forward to connecting with you.  Once the fee is received, I will reply (typically within 24 hours, or sooner) to book a time and date for the call, which will be scheduled via email, at your convenience.​

The audio and / or video of the call will remain confidential, along with the advice, ideas, recommendations and creative input discussed between us, and you continue to retain all ownership of your ideas / story.

Moreover, if you opt to hire the Screenwriter Dude for any screenwriting services in relation to the project(s) that we discuss, then this initial consultation fee will be automatically deducted from the total project price.  Bonus!

National and international long distance charges are also covered 100% by the consultation fees when you provide your number to call you directly.

And there's also a new option available if you'd like me to read your script or any relevant materials in preparation for our call, so that we are on the same page when we talk about your project.  To find out more and to order this service, please check out my Script Consultant page.

Phone Consulting FAQs

Does this mean I have to pay every time I talk to you?

No - Only if you want to discuss your project verbally before signing an agreement for a screenwriting service.

What if I prefer to phone as I don't use email very often; do I have to pay a consulting fee if I want to contact you and tell you more about my project?

I wish I could speak to everyone about their film and TV ideas, but honestly I've learned over the 20 years of doing this job that I just wouldn't have any time to write screenplays as I'd be talking on the phone all day.  So... if you can email the details to me, that's great.  And if you prefer to talk on the phone, then you can select the appropriate fee from the options above to discuss collaborating together on your project.

Can I ask questions via email?

YES!  Anytime!  Please do as I'm typically reachable by email every day, though I always prioritize my script-writing over replying to messages.  So, if you have any specific questions about hiring me, or whether I am available to work on your project, or anything else that springs to mind, please feel free to email me.  My inbox is always open!

All calls are 100% confidential.

Click the buttons below to order a one-on-one call with a produced award-winning screenwriter to discuss your project and ask any questions.

Depending on availability, the call can be scheduled at your earliest convenience - typically within 3 days of receipt of payment. 

Thanks and talk to you soon!