Real Quotes from Real Professionals

​While I don't ever ask for formal references to recommend my services as a Screenwriter, Co-Writer and Script Doctor, I regularly receive glowing praise from those I collaborate with, and incredible comments from the film & TV industry professionals who read the scripts I've worked on!

I appreciate receiving honest unfiltered feedback from everyone I work with and that's why I only identify these industry professionals by their job titles: 

"I’m super excited to read your comments and insights as to your recommended direction for the story and characters... I feel you have offered some excellent suggestions regarding the development of the story... I really like all of the enhancements you suggested... I really would like for you to run with these ideas."
- Director / Producer, who subsequently produced the enhanced script into a feature film with a famous cast of actors and actresses, which was theatrically-released nationwide and internationally, receiving millions of dollars at the box office and critical acclaim from Variety Magazine, Los Angeles Times and The Wrap!!

"Well done!  I enjoyed reading...  You know how to write, and you understand the dramatic pacing of storytelling which often is lacking in many writers’ scripts."
- Director of films produced by Warner Bros, Paramount, 20th Century Fox

"This script boasts a lot of talent – the writing is clean, professional and dynamic. The story moves quickly and is well structured."
- Creative Exec at Walt Disney Pictures, MGM, Paramount, Sony

"I am absolutely totally impressed. The ending - chills went up my spine because you're not going to believe a thought I had, we are so close to being on the same page there it's crazy. The script looks and reads great. The script will go into production right away beginning with casting... Would like to work with you again soon." 

- Cinematographer of an Emmy-winning TV movie for CBS and VFX artist for Paramount Pictures

"Dude! You are more than a screenwriter. You are a great source of information... I really like the wicked twist you put in. No doubt the work you've done made the script stronger... Thank You! Love it!!"
- Executive Producer of a feature film that I co-scripted with him

"You've outdone yourself! The changes/alterations are working really well... It works so much better now and I can't imagine it being any other way... Thank you greatly for the time you have invested in getting it into shape - I really appreciate it."
- With a decade of filmmaking experience, this Industry Pro is credited for his work on the blockbuster movies King Kong, The Hobbit, Star Wars: Episode 2, and many more!

"This needs to get made!"

- SAG Award-nominated Actress - star of Bad Moms, Step Brothers, Crossing Jordan, Captain Fantastic, The Visit, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Girls, Transparent, Tomorrowland, WandaVision - after reading the comedy screenplay that I crafted

- Hollywood producer of The Whole Ten Yards and over 60 other movies!

"You’ve proven your value in your work on (our last project), so I’m sticking with you."

- Head of a Film & TV Production Company that is now in development and in pre-production on both projects that I worked on, a new TV series and a feature film!

"Great work! It’s a page turner. I finished it in one read, wanting more. That’s biased talk now! I loved the changes you incorporated."  
- Director of an animated / family feature film

"Loved the script. After I was blown away by it, I sent the script to the two producers on my last film and they had the same reaction."
- Award-winning director of four feature films

"Thanks so much for your thoughts and ideas - it’s really opened my eyes up to a lot of things on how we could elevate the emotional aspects, which is exactly how I was hoping to feel." 
- Industry Pro who has worked on big-budget blockbuster films directed by Peter Jackson, The Wachowskis, George Lucas, and Neill Blomkamp

"I've thoroughly enjoyed our past collaborations and welcome the opportunity to collaborate once again. You're a very talented storyteller and screenwriter — someone I consider a true professional."
- Director, Screenwriter, Producer

"Firstly your script was really slick and to pull it off with 3 Characters and 1 location?! Respect... It was Awesome!!"

- Independent movie producer of an internationally-released, award-winning horror/thriller film

"Thank you for your phenomenal job! I'm lost in admiration!"
- Writer and Director of five feature films, numerous shorts, documentaries, and theater productions.

"It’s a hundred times better!! The flow is easier and makes more sense... Very happy!"

- Producer of a SAFTA-award winning film

​"Go dude go!!! Great work as usual!!! You always deliver. A true pro."
- Award-winning Screenwriter and alumni of SFSU's Cinema Department (Screenwriting and Production) who works for a multiple Oscar-winning producer

"Brilliant. I really like the shape that we have given to the outline, it's really taking an excellent path forward... Great work on the rewrite!" 
- Emmy-award winning Director who has worked for the BBC and Channel 7 (Australia's highest-rated television network)​

"Omg I love it... Very well written, I'm getting excited just reading it... Meeting went really well.  I have a follow-up after the holiday to discuss (my TV show concept) as well as others I have in the pipeline."
- Executive Producer / TV Series Creator at Bravo who hired me to write a treatment / pitch for a new TV series.

"Thank you very much! The script is excellent, amazing job! We are planning to film this in June - I hope to make the film as worthy as the script you have written."
- Director / Producer / Co-Writer who produced the script into a short film.

"I said that I'd love to find someone who I think is awesome, honest, funny, talented... and I definitely wanted to find someone who believed in the project... but also wasn't bullshitting for the dough. I get the vibe you're for real and will use again and again!! You are my favorite script consultant I've worked with by far. You're human, too. Usually these kinds of sites are filled with dull droid-like prats." 

- Hollywood screenwriter of a big-screen book adaptation for a best-selling author, hired by his manager who sold the Harry Potter book series as well as the film rights for the successful Warner Bros. Pictures movie franchise!

"I glanced through the pages and really appreciate the work you have done. I really like what I have seen thus far, and you truly make the story better. I will definitely be able to learn the screenwriting craft from studying your work, and of course, sending my next screenplay to you, which I certainly intend to do, which may be sooner than you think... Thank you for all of the hard work you have put in. It is tremendous and will make me a much better screenwriter."
- Multiple award-winning Screenwriter

"AWESOME job! You are the bomb! Great notes. Mulling over your ideas - all very good ones! That's why I like you; you're a damn good writer and you recognize when things are good! But even more important, you also actually HELP fix things that aren't right, instead of just telling me this or that needs fixing. You're my new mentor, Dude!" 

- Award-winning Screenwriter and UCLA screenwriting graduate who was one of the writers of an Oscar-nominated worldwide box-office hit!​​​​

"You're a class act! When I first discovered your site, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a rockstar screenwriter with such an impressive portfolio was so fairly priced and fully invested in offering services that could very possibly get my television treatment greenlit by a well-known and worthwhile television network. It almost felt too good to be true, but the reality is that it turned out to be one of the greatest work experiences I’ve ever had! You really took my idea to another level, and did so with precise, timely communication and an excellent turnaround time."

- Penguin-published best-selling author and TV celebrity

"You are absolute proof that a good objective editor is the best tool a script writer can employ!  I like your ideas very much. They will make the script much stronger and far more cinematic. I like all the rest of your suggestions and I thank you for solid insightful recommendations."
- Co-writer of an adaptation of the memoir by a Pulitzer-prize winning author​​