Have you written a book, or acquired an intellectual property, that could be turned into a great movie or TV show?  As a Book-to-Script Adaptation Specialist and Screenwriter for Hire, I've worked with best-selling authors and top Hollywood producers to adapt published, self-published and unpublished book manuscripts into professional, industry-ready screenplays. 

With my Adaptation Assessment service, I read and evaluate books, and other IP materials, to provide detailed advice and recommendations on a project's potential, as well as suggesting a best approach for adapting the story / concept and characters into a visual / filmic medium.

My 4-5 pages of consultation notes includes:

  • Insightful observations on the book's plot and characters, offered from a screenwriter's / producer's perspective with a view to assessing how this book could feasibly be adapted into a feature film or TV show.
  • Creative ideas / problem-solving solutions to address any challenges that may foreseeably arise in the adaptation process.
  • Thoughtful guidance on the next steps for moving forward with a book to script adaptation.
  • Honest and professional opinion on the property's overall potential as a movie or TV series.
  • Recommended options for how to approach adapting the book into the plot and structure of an industry-standard script format, and bringing its characters, story, themes and 'essence' to the screen.

Ultimately, the goal of every adaptation is turning the property / book into a script that is compelling and entertaining, and that stays true to the original material.

As a pro screenwriter who has worked on scripts for authors, IP owners, production companies and TV networks, I am skilled at every facet of the adapting process, from developing to writing.  So, I bring that level of hands-on practical knowledge to every assessment.

I will take an in-depth look at your project, to craft relevant and useful consultation notes.  Unlike a reader at a 'coverage' service, who may comment simply on what "works" in the story, I have the industry experience to assess the adaptation of a property and recommend how to actively approach turning it into a film screenplay or TV script, with creative ideas and strategies for making the project appealing to producers and audiences.

Ready to take the next step?  Let's get started...

For $450, I will evaluate a property / a book (in PDF or e-book format) and provide written Adaptation Assessment consulting notes.

I accept payments via Paypal.com, including credit cards.  And it's easy to order directly from this page...

​Click the button below to pay and then send an email with a Summary / Synopsis, and a PDF or online link to your book / materials to TheScreenwriterDude@gmail.com  If your book is available on Amazon Kindle, I am happy to purchase and download a copy.

By the way, this $450 consultation fee is deducted from the screenwriting fee if you opt to hire me to work on the adaptation and craft the script with you.

Looking forward to working with you!

Adaptation Assessment