Need a fresh perspective, guidance and recommendations to take your script to the next level and get that greenlight?  My award-winning scripts and films have won over $100,000 in prize money, and my Script Consulting clients have become contest-winners, award-winners, optioned, and produced screenwriters - and I can help you, too!

As a Script Consultant, I will read your current draft and provide helpful and insightful notes for recommended improvements to the plot, characters, dialogue, style, formatting, etc., as well as my comments/feedback on the script's potential and overall entertainment value.

And while there are many consulting services that offer 'Script Coverage', they rarely provide ideas or potential fixes to overcome any obstacles that are identified.  While my Script Consultant notes offer creative suggestions and solutions for problem-solving and improving the script, as well as highlighting the specific areas/changes/development that I would recommend focusing on to help you move forward with a successful rewrite/polish of the next draft.

And, certainly, if you'd like to hire me to implement these notes on your behalf (or another reader's notes, or script coverage, or notes from a producer), that's great too.  Check out my Script Doctor page for more details.

Recent Successes

I'm very proud of my Script Consulting clients!  I've consulted on film and TV scripts for fellow screenwriters who have gone onto follow my recommendations to place as Winners and Finalists at major film festivals and screenplay writing competitions.  

From the Austin Film Festival to the Sundance Institute, and everywhere in between; scripts that I've consulted on have won or made the finals at over 30 international contests and festivals!

Recently, a feature film screenplay that I worked on placed in the Top 10 of the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, and a TV script that I consulted on was named a Finalist in the Final Draft Big Break contest! 

As well, my Script Consulting Clients have sold and optioned their scripts to production companies, gained funding with grant applications that I've assisted with, and they've signed with top agents, including WME.  

Additionally, my clients' scripts have been optioned and produced - one that I worked on was quickly optioned by a worldwide sales and production company with over 20 years in the film industry!  Another one was thrilled to have their screenplay snapped up by a producer with an L.A. production company who showcased it at the American Film Market, while another sent out their rewritten script and got signed with a WGA-signatory agent!

If you'd like to be my next success story, then let's get started!

Script Consultant

Script Consultant Fees

$300.00 USD

I will read a Script (max 130 pages, in PDF format) and provide written Notes with Rewrite / Polish Suggestions.

$350.00 USD

I will read a Script (max 130 pages) and provide written Notes with Rewrite / Polish Suggestions.

PLUS: 30 Minute Follow-Up Chat via Phone.

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