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Recent highlights from my extensive experience of writing and rewriting scripts for the most popular genres in the film & TV industry:

ACTION SCREENWRITER - I wrote a screenplay that attached the Director of THE FUGITIVE, UNDER SIEGE, CHAIN REACTION and COLLATERAL DAMAGE!  And I was also hired to write the new STREET FIGHTER reboot!

DRAMA SCREENWRITER - I co-wrote a screenplay, implementing notes and advice from the producer of the Oscar-winning films WALL STREET, JFK, PLATOON and BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY.

COMEDY SCREENWRITER - I wrote a feature comedy screenplay, which was green-lit by the Producer of STEP BROTHERS, TALLADEGA NIGHTS,GET HARD and THE OTHER GUYS!

HORROR SCREENWRITER - I rewrote a horror feature screenplay, implementing notes and advice from the Directors of DAYBREAKERS and JIGSAW, the latest sequel to SAW - one of the highest grossing horror film franchises.

THRILLER SCREENWRITER - I wrote a script that has attached the Development Exec of THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, MR & MRS SMITH,IRON MAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

SCI-FI and FANTASY SCREENWRITER - I co-wrote a screenplay with an Industry Pro who previously worked on DISTRICT 9, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, THE HOBBIT and STAR WARS: EPISODE II.

FAMILY SCREENWRITER - I completed a screenplay that was written on request for the Executive Producer of Disney's new live-action ALADDIN movie (starring Will Smith).

ANIMATION SCREENWRITER - I rewrote a screenplay that was written after a successful pitch to a Development Exec at DreamWorks Animation (SHREK, TROLLS, THE BOSS BABY, KUNG FU PANDA). 

FAITH SCREENWRITER - I co-wrote a faith-based feature with the Director of a Directors Guild Award-nominated faith movie.

ROMANTIC COMEDY SCREENWRITER - I co-wrote a script with one of the writers of PRETTY WOMAN.

TV PILOT SCRIPT WRITER - I wrote a TV series pilot with the showrunner and creator of DEXTER, Emmy-winning writer and co-producer of THE SOPRANOS, and producer of THE SHIELD.

REALITY TV WRITER- I prepared a reality TV series pitch for the Emmy-winning Executive Producer of TOP CHEF, PROJECT RUNWAY and THE REAL HOUSEWIVES franchise!

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For over 15 years, I've worked in the film & TV industry as a Screenwriter, Co-Writer, GhostWriter, Script Doctor and Consultant - credited and uncredited - to create great movies and TV series with top Hollywood directors, Oscar-winning producers, Emmy-winning showrunners, major networks, movie studios, and independent filmmakers.  My next project could be yours!  Let's get started...